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Power Than Peace

Power Than Peace You want some other power than peace. You are coward faggots. That’s what I think. I should know, I live here too. Find out why God cracks people, instead of takes them to Heaven? lachinga brown family – keep it down myster brown –

goto jail

Goto Jail I love you. I love every person. If you are harmful to psychology or physiology, go directly to jail. Harm is not relative; it is actual. Saying you are all cowards is not harmful. Making sure someone is stupider than you are…is harmful. Goto jail; do not collect $200…is a monopoly joke. But …

police lenient

Police Lenient Original Article: Police have to be more lenient. They do not know their customers do not want to fight. They do not know any better. They have embodied fighting, so they have to be told they do not want to fight until they realize it.